12 Tips You Should Know Before Selling Your House

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You probably felt a mixture of excitement and apprehension when you bought your home. That feeling probably faded when you settled in and began to make your new home your own. No matter how long you have lived in your home or how early you need to sell your home, you might experience similar emotions during the selling process.

Thats why we suggest, that before placing your home on the market, you should consult with the real estate agent you trust for advice on how to improve your home’s presentation. The agent you work with can provide you with information on what to expect from buyers in your market and at the price point of your home. Keep in mind that if you are selling your home to us there is no need to prepare your home in any way at all. When selling your house for cash there are no repairs or niceties necessary. Listed below are tips you can take to prepare for the sale of your home.

1. Organize The Entrance

The front door of your home should be visible and accessible to potential buyers. Ensure that the door is painted, the walkway and yard are cleaned of debris and clutter, the lawn is cut, and the hedges are pruned. To attract attention from the street, plant colorful annuals and perennials in pots or gardens. Replace your doormat, screens, doorbell, tiles, shingles, and outdoor lighting if they are broken or damaged. Exterior defects can ruin the first impression a buyer has of your home.

2. Paint Your Walls

Homeowners paint their walls before home selling

There is no need for fancy painting; a well-done, no-frills job will suffice. Repaint walls that have eccentric or unconventional colors and give white or beige walls a fresh coat of paint. Choosing neutral colors inspired by nature and spas, such as taupe and subtle gray, is a good choice. Do not forget to include the trim and molding as well. Additionally, a fresh coat of paint can significantly affect outdated or worn cabinetry.

3. Clean Up Your House 

A clean home implies well-maintained care, so deep cleaning can win buyers over. Bathrooms and kitchens are among the most scrutinized areas in a home by buyers. Re-caulk and paint these grime-prone rooms to make them look fresh and clean. Ensure that your rugs and carpets are clean to eliminate unsightly stains and dinginess and eliminate bad odors. Clean and organize each room, including the garage, cabinets, and closets. Alternatively, you can hire a professional cleaning company to handle all that cleaning for you if it seems overwhelming.

4. Pack Up Your Things

Your house will look smaller and cramped if the rooms are cluttered and crowded. The presence of your personal belongings in your home also makes it difficult to imagine living there for others. Take time to tidy your home by storing away excess furniture, toys, and personal decorations, like family photos, that you no longer need. Put things that you do not frequently use in storage or ask a friend to store them for you. You can also get a head start on your move by decluttering your house.

5. Fix Some Things

A homeowner repairs the window before home selling

Your home’s hardware may need to be repaired or replaced if it is broken or outdated. You can replace door handles, faucets, towel bars, and curtain rods – fixtures that prospective buyers are likely to notice – for a relatively low price. It is also important to consider installing new hardware in the bathroom, kitchen, windows, and doors in order to improve their functionality and safety.

6. Improve The Home’s Lighting 

It is a good idea to replace decorative light fixtures that no longer suit your home’s new, cleaner look. Replace your old bulbs with new ones that provide appropriate lighting for your home’s specific areas. In areas like a reading nook, ambient, low-key lighting works best, while task or directional lighting is better for spaces like that. Using accent lighting to draw attention to certain selling points in a room, such as a painting above a mantle, will help you sell your home faster.

7. Frame Your Windows

Make sure your windows are fitted with the appropriate window treatments, which will enhance natural light and the appearance of your home. A window treatment can also influence the temperature of a room by reducing or increasing the amount of light entering the room. When you are showing your home in the morning, afternoon, or evening, you should adjust the window coverings accordingly.

8. Set The Table Nicely

You can never go wrong with fresh, decorative flowers on the dining room table or in the kitchen. Make sure you always keep place settings on hand so that you can promptly set them out before showings and open houses. Ensure your dining room is as formal as possible while your kitchen table is casual.

9. Keep Everyday Items Hidden 

Clean and spacious homes for home selling

When showings and open houses are taking place, make sure children’s toys and pet belongings are removed from the open areas. Place litter boxes, toys, animal crates, pet dishes, and kids’ entertainment in a less conspicuous area of the house before every showing or open house. You should also consider where you will store dirty linens and dirty kitchen sponges.

10. Clean The Backyard

Make your backyard as spacious and functional as possible. Keep the landscaping neat and tidy by planting colorful flowers or potted plants. Make sure you pick up after your pets consistently so that buyers feel comfortable touring your property.

11. Accommodate Showing Requests

Your home is likely to receive a great deal of interest from potential buyers when you list it. You may know about some of these beforehand, but others may come up at the last minute. If your home is scheduled for listing on Friday, plan to be away for the majority of the weekend. Spend a day at the beach or hiking with your family, or simply explore your city for a day. When you’re trying to sell your home, having to leave for a last-minute inspection can be irritating.

As much as possible, you must give buyers the opportunity to view your property. Listed below are some daily housekeeping tips that will help you prepare your home for a showing at a moment’s notice: 

  • Maintain a clean floor by removing dust, crumbs, and dirt. 
  • The dishes have all been washed and taken out in the dishwasher 
  • The tables are clean and clutter-free 
  • The garbage is emptied 
  • The toilet seats are down and the toiletries are put away 
  • The closet doors are closed 
  • All beds are made 

Even though these may seem like common sense or even annoying, simply ensuring that your work area is clean and well-prepared can make a significant difference.

12. Be Responsive To Offers In A Timely Manner

You will receive notification of all offers made on your home through your real estate agent. When a buyer makes an offer, they typically expect to hear back within forty-eight hours. A good real estate agent will have already informed you about the price range you can expect for your home, and what earnest money and due diligence fees you can expect based on the market trends and the list price. If an offer is submitted that piques your interest, please contact your real estate agent so they can inform the buyer as soon as possible. Make sure to address any counter-offers you wish to execute as soon as possible if you have any. While it is important to entertain as many offers as possible, if you leave the buyer waiting for too long, they may change their minds or find something else that meets their needs. 

Homeselling Final Thoughts

When listing your home for sale, there are many considerations to take into account, but taking the time to think things through will pay off in the long run. Make sure your home is in list-ready condition, discuss the process with your family, and hire a local realtor to help you. Taking the time to follow these tips can help you successfully transfer your home to the new owners. Or you can get a free confidential evaluation and sell your home for cash today!

Organize the entrance by cleaning the front door, walkway, yard, and pruning hedges. Plant colorful flowers and repair or replace any exterior defects.

Yes, consider repainting walls with eccentric colors and giving neutral colors a fresh coat. A well-done, no-frills paint job can make your home more appealing to buyers.

It depends, if your selling it to Jaxon for cash then you don’t have to do anything. If you aren’t then yes. Remove personal belongings and excess furniture to make rooms appear more spacious and allow buyers to envision themselves living in the space.

Yes, consider repairing or replacing broken hardware, installing new lighting fixtures, fitting appropriate window treatments, and setting a nicely decorated dining table.

Keep the landscaping neat, plant colorful flowers or potted plants, and consistently clean up after pets to create a spacious and inviting outdoor area.

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